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The 2018 competition will run for 10 weeks from Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 April, followed by the play-offs to be played by the end of August.

Follow the links below for the division tables and fixture lists. 

LTA Tournament Website  (for entering match results and viewing fixtures, draws, league tables, player stats & more. Team captains' contact details can also be viewed here, but only if you have a login and are logged in.)

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League Rules | Ranked & Nominated Players

League Structure

Divisions 1 to 3 are structured as normal, with 6 teams of 6 players each.
In the Ladies' Division 4 (for teams of 4 players again) we have 7 teams entered. The competition will be split into 2 stages. In stage 1, each team will play each other once. Then in stage 2, the top 4 will play semi-finals, final and 3rd/4th place playoff and the bottom 3 teams will play similar playoffs. In stage 2, home and away will be the opposte of stage 1.
We have split the lowest mens division in two divisions of 5 teams (for teams of 4 players), each team playing each other home and away.

As usual, the top team from all divisions will be automatically promoted to the next division, the bottom team, relegated. The second bottom team and the second top team from the division below will playoff for secondary promotion/relegation. Please note, that if your division is for teams of 4 and the division above is for teams of 6, you must field a team of 6 for the playoff match.
Rule Changes for 2018
The only change to the rules this year is that there will now only be 1 point award per set won, 9 points in total per 3 rubber match. As the LTA online match scoring system could not cope with the additional point awarded for a rubber win last year, we have had to do away with this. Unfortunately, this means that there will be no match draws in 3 rubber matches. The penalty points awarded for concessions have also been amended in line with the points available per match.
Match Balls 2018

There will be no official match ball this season. Clubs are free to choose whatever they feel is appropriate for their courts, as long as they are new and are LTA/ITF approved.



If anyone wishes to ask a question, or needs a ruling, please refer to the league rules first. If you still need to contact me, my email address and mobile number are below. I will try to answer your enquiry as soon as possible.

Lorn Shanks, 21 Bellsbank Crescent, Dalmellington, KA6 7SL
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